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    She was rescued from the black, icy Atlantic when she was only a year old - the sole survivor of a doomed American charter flight. She grew up in a fisherman's family, among the barren, wind-swept rocks of Inisheer, on Ireland's stormy coast.
    Molly O'Brien, beautiful Irish actress, rose to command the attention of the world from the stages of Dublin, London ans New York. But behind her glittering success lay a heartache she could not resolve : and a longing to return to uncover a family's tragic secret, buried forever in the island place of stones...
    A place of stones... a magniticent portrait of family love and tragedy.
- "She writes like a dream... this is a real story, told with simplicity, compassion ans a lyrical tenderness. I read it with joy" Marie Joseph
- " it is as if Deirdre Purcell opened a Pandora's box of ideas and writing talent, and threw a great amount of each into her first novel" Irish Independent
- "A big, fat satisfying book... all the ingredients of romantic story-telling are there " Sunday Independent
- "Beautiful crafted... a gripping love story" Sunday Tribune
- "A superb first novel" Annabel

ISBN : 0-330-31949-3

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