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Internal Affairs

Penguin Books
Mise à jour : 16/04/2017
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Référence : R00113
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Livre en bon état couverture un peu pliée.

4ème de couverture :
    A trip to the Third World was just what Chalotte needed to get her out of herself. But just how far out did she intend to go?
    Charlotte Macanally, overweight divorcée, childless abortion counsellor and kind-hearted depressive, has been dispatched by the World Campaign for Small, Healthy and Wealthy Families to report on the birth-control programme of the tropical dictatorship of Sulanasia. It is her chance to help the suffering peoples of the world, and she is determined to be worthy of it. And so, armed with pills, insecticides and good intentions, Charlotte gamely picks up the White Woman's Burden and leaves Kentish Town. But Sulanasia is not quite what she expected - and there, amid the heat, propaganda and totalitarian tactics of the womb police, Charlotte begins to understand that in the Third World, as elsewhere, God and government are always on the side of the men.
    "A delight... ans original and constantly entertaining novel which did, with embarrassing frequency, make me laugh out loud" - London Standard
    "A comic novel in the indelibly British tradition of Evelyn Waugh's Scoop" - Sunday Times
    "A Third World adventure prickling with wit" - Mail on Sunday

ISBN : 0-14-009727-9

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