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House of the spirit levels

Mise à jour : 16/04/2017
Prix: 2.90€
Référence : R00158
Envoi : 2.80€ (211g en Lettre verte)

Livre en bon état, couverture un peu pliée.

4ème de couverture :
    When the resident of the sleepy South American town of Mondongo first encounter Tony Hardstaff, he is in a truly pitiful state. Fortunately, a handy cache of Watney's Red Barrel brings him back to his senses and he sits down to tell his story...
    Born in Grimedale, Yorkshire, Tony set off around the world in search of fame and fortune. Nothing much went according to plan and he was forced to return home - with the Russian Mafia in hot pursuit. While he was away, Grimedale has gone to rack and ruin, and his childhood sweetheart, the lovely but somechat unhinged Emily Earnshaw, has gone even further round the bend.
    Then a lot more funny stuff happens, involving Elvis, the Virgin Mary, nuclear holocaust and an awful lot of Tequila drinking. And that's just for starters...
    "The jokes come thick and fast... reads like the result of a lying contest between Emily Brontë, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Graham Greene and Spike Milligan" Mark Lamarr

ISBN : 0-7472-5973-9

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